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Case Studies

CEO, Family Office — 

"Lisa coaches me and several of my team members. She is highly effective. I have seen her do transformative work with individuals who are having performance issues to those that need help ascending in their leadership acumen. She is also very astute at helping leaders help their overall teams perform more effectively. I highly recommend Lisa as a coach.”

Managing Director, Global Investment Firm — 

"Lisa empowers clients to find their greatest potential in life by encouraging a deep level of self reflection, supporting active dialogue and pushing you beyond your limitations. Her genuine personality, life experiences and holistic approach to coaching ranks her among the best and I am truly blessed to have worked with her."

Product & Interaction Designer — 

“Lisa is an amazing advocate and coach! She taught me how to live in a learning mindset, ask questions for clarity and summarize my understanding from meetings in order to take action and be successful at work. This may seem obvious but I wasn’t doing it and it changed everything for me! Also Lisa is aware of everything good in art, music, books, food and helped me bring more creativity into my daily practices. Super recommend talking to her as often as possible.”

Vice President, Operations — 

​​"Lisa epitomizes the best of a highly experienced Hudson coach--a grounding in compassionate and curious whole person coaching, along with the presence to ask provocative and change inducing questions. I was able to clarify and achieve my professional outcomes over the course of one short coaching engagement with her."

Non-Profit Executive Director

​“The opportunity to work with Lisa came at a pivotal time in my career. As an executive director in my second year after launching a new nonprofit organization, I was faced with some significant professional challenges leading to significant stress that leaked into all areas of my life. Lisa’s unique blend of professional knowledge, perspective, clarity, and compassion provided me with the support I needed to identify productive solutions. Not only did she provide an excellent listening ear and insightful input, she had great assessment and problem solving tools. My experience with Lisa gave me practical results and peace of mind.”

Organizational Development Trainer
Associate — 

"Lisa is a wonderful coach and thinking partner.  She helped me find a new direction for my next career based on what really interests me and what I am good at.  She asks good questions with just the right amount of edge to them.  Lisa is also warm, kind and trustworthy. I’d recommend her to anyone."

Non-Profit Executive Director

"Lisa led me through a difficult professional passage during a huge organizational challenge, helping to clarify priorities and sharpen my leadership and communication skills. Her insight and diagnostic acumen helped identify obstacles which weren’t readily apparent. She presented an array of tools and training on how to use them, which could be used to make an entire organization work more smoothly. One of Lisa’s most unusual skills is her ability to tailor the consultation to whatever style would be most useful to a particular client. She has a keen insight into a variety of communications styles and is agile in her approach. I highly recommend her as an executive coach and management consultant."
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