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For over thirty years, Lisa has worked as a consultant and a strategic partner with clients in leadership roles confronting ‘the complexity paradox.’ She brings to these alliances a unique set of system thinking and design skills essential for decision-making in the face of uncertainty, ambiguity, and complexity.  

​Her work in the international non-profit world includes strategic planning, program development and fundraising to address the world’s most pressing political and economic problems. Her urban planning and design experience offers her clients practices and deliberative approaches to support their imagination, capacity to experiment and the opportunity to implement innovative solutions. 

Lisa’s professional development has been interdisciplinary and expansive. She began her career overseas researching desert architecture and solar building. She worked in a family business, and, as a solopreneur, built her coaching and consulting practice. 

Most recently, Lisa is leading a learning group at the Purposeful Planning Institute serving financial advisors, estate planning attorneys, and other professionals and consultants for families of wealth and families in business. Lisa is an active member of the Humanitarian Coaching Network, a global cohort of professional coaches serving humanitarian and development leaders in the most isolated and complex posts.

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